Journal of Medical and Clinical Sciences

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Factors Affecting Adherence to Antiretroviral Drugs among Adolescents [10-18] At Ahero County Hospital, Kisumu County, Kenya

  • Kagoiyo N.S
  • Danga A.A*
  • Lukorito L.K
  • Kagoiyo S.W


Background: Appropriate use of ARVs has improved the lives of many HIV positive individuals. The effectiveness of HIV treatment depends on sustenance of high level of adherence to ARVs. However, ARV regiments are often complicated and can be affected by varying dosing schedule, failing to have proper dietary requirements and patients developing adverse effects. Objective: To determine the patients’ demographic, social and economic factors influencing adherence to antiretroviral drugs among HIV/AIDS adolescents. Design: A cross sectional quantitative study Setting: The study will be conducted at Ahero Sub county Hospital. Subjects/Participants: The study population comprised of ALHIV receiving ART in Ahero sub County Hospital and aged between 10-18 years. Results: A population consisting of adolescents aged 10-18years living with HIV/AIDS and who have been enrolled into care for more than one year. Qualitative methods of data collection will be used and these include key informants, focused group discussions and direct observation. The sample population will be 20 ALWHIV. Data will be analyzed and be presented in charts tables and graphs.